Cool water, a Delta breeze, and delightful scenery blend on Lake Natoma to give paddlers an experience to savor. Paddling is one activity that can be enjoyed solo or with family or friends.

Lake Natoma’s 500 acres of surface water are formed by the expansion of the American River as Nimbus Dam backs up the river to slow the flows of water from Folsom Dam. The slender five-mile lake alongside the City of Folsom is a favorite of standup paddlers and kayakers.

This is a quiet lake, home to paddlers, rowers and sailors of small boats. In contrast to Folsom Lake, where waterskiing, wakeboarding and large sailboating are enjoyed, Lake Natoma has a 5 mph speed limit for motorized watercraft.

Sites to See:

The Old Folsom Power House

Paddle under the Rainbow Bridge & the Old Walking Bridge

Paddle to Lake Natoma Island

Hours of Operation:

10 AM to 4 PM for rentals, and all equipment must be turned in no later than 5 PM.

Days of Operation:

May 19th through September 3rd, 2017


September 3rd through to October 1st, 2017

- Friday, Saturday and Sunday


$15* per hour for a single person kayak

$25* per hour for a tandem kayak (two-person)

$15* per hour for a recreational sup

$20* per hour for a race sup

$25* per hour for a single person Hobie pedal kayak

$45* per hour for a tandem Hobie pedal kayak 

* plus sales tax

 (All rental equipment includes paddles, seats, and life jackets)

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